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I am a qualified and experienced tutor who will talk to you on a level, treat you with respect, and help build your confidence and subject knowledge in a friendly, light hearted way.

I have many years experience working with young people from 4 to 18 years of age, and even adults. I like to build a rapport with my students so that they can confidently face their learning difficulties in a supportive and positive environment.



I have been practising mindfulness and meditation for over 10 years in order to  find strategies to better manage the life challenges that confront me. After gaining some training through the study and practise of Buddhism and yoga, over many years, I have  recently undertaken more training with Skillful Mind and Mindfulness Works Australia, I share my practise and experience with adults and children in both formal and informal settings. I am now able to offer classes to small groups and individuals as required.

More information available at www.mindfulnessworksaustralia.com.au

Mentoring and Life Coaching


I have mentored many disillusioned and disaffected young people and helped them to find a reason to study and to aim high in order to reach their goals. I have also assisted adults who are looking for a career or life change I use my own experiences, listening skills, and a wealth of knowledge and resources, to  help them focus their minds and gain the confidence to move their lives in their chosen direction.


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